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Essential Info for Poll Workers

If you’ve already signed up as a poll worker for the upcoming primary election on May 7, or if you’re still considering it, here is some basic information for poll workers from the Hamilton County Elections Office.

  • The polls open at 6am and close at 6pm. By state law, all workers must be at polls by 5am.

  • If you work the polls outside your own precinct, you will need to vote ahead of election day at an early voting location. You will not be allowed to leave the polling place during the day.

  • Be sure that your voter registration address is up-to-date online by Monday, April 8.

  • Required poll worker training will be online only. The Elections Office will email you a link.

  • The two poll worker positions are Judge and Clerk (more info below).

Specific Information for Judges

Judges direct voters to machines and set up the ballot for them; they also serve as a witness for voter questions and elections paperwork. The pay for Judges is $160 for the day, plus $25 for accompanying the Inspector to the courthouse with the votes, $15 for completing online training, and $20 if you bring your own food (recommended). Judges are required to go to the polling place on Monday, May 6, to help set up the polls. The Inspector will call you with the meeting time.

Sign that reads "Hamilton County Voting Location" in front of polling location. Sign that reads "Hamilton County Voting Location" in front of polling location.
Early voting starts April 9, 2024.

Specific Information for Clerks

The Clerk checks voters in on the iPads and ensures that they are eligible to vote. The Clerk will be paid $130 for the day, plus $15 for completing the county's online training, and $20 as a food allowance if you bring your own food for the day (recommended).

Sign Up Today

Poll worker spots are still open in several HamCo cities. To express your interest to your Democratic township chair, sign up here.


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