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Meet the Candidates


We are the Hamilton County Democratic Party and we're on a mission to create a better, brighter and more equitable future.

Whether we're cleaning up our parks or working on legislation that promotes a thriving economy for everyone, you can find Hamilton County Democrats doing good work throughout all eight municipalities within our borders. We are mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, business leaders and service workers, but above all... we are engaged community leaders - and you're invited to join us. Get involved > 

HamCo Dems at Carmel Parade.


We Deliver Exceptional Candidates and Values Around Hamilton County

In the midst of Indiana's 2024 primary election season, we are thrilled to recruit a diverse range of candidates across Hamilton County to run for office. This year, there are multiple positions available across the county. 

Interested in running? Check out this page for open positions, deadlines, more details.


#BoostHamCo - Volunteer @ the Humane Society

4/14/24, 2:00 PM

Noblesville Democratic Committee Monthly Meeting

4/17/24, 10:30 PM

HamCo Connect - April 2024

4/24/24, 10:30 PM


All are invited to join the Hamilton County Democratic Party, fostering a culture that welcomes fresh ideas and promotes party growth. Explore our upcoming events and actively engage with the HamCo Dems!

HamCo Dems Chair, Danya Colbert speaking at HamCo Dems' event.


Empowering Hamilton County: Uniting Our Community for Change

The Hamilton County Democratic Party is a grassroots political organization serving Hamilton County, Indiana. We are the people who live, work, and play in Hamilton County: your friends, neighbors, and family members. And we are committed to improving the lives of all of our fellow residents in Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, Cicero, Arcadia, Atlanta, Sheridan, and the rest of the county.

Volunteer with Us

Igniting the call for passionate volunteers to join the HamCo Dems team!

Volunteer with a Campaign

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