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Hamilton County Democratic Party members take great pride in being active contributors to our community.


We believe volunteering in our neighborhoods helps us improve Hamilton County one service project at a time. The Hamilton County Democratic Party will continue to organize several volunteer opportunities throughout the year.


Please check this space on a regular basis for volunteer opportunities and come help us make Hamilton County an even better place to live! 

City Council Correspondent

Seeking 1-3 volunteers per municipality to actively monitor and report on Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, and Noblesville city council meetings.

General Assembly Legislative Correspondent

Calling upon dedicated volunteers who want to help keep a close watch on all of the proposed bills that impact the lives of Hamilton County residents.

Poll Worker

The November 5 election is fast approaching, and township chairs are looking for poll workers now. Why should you be a poll worker?

Precinct Chair

Precinct Chairs are critical to our democracy. They help get the word out for our candidates, help find poll workers to make sure our elections run smoothly, elect our County Chair, and more. Educate. Motivate. Lead. Inspire. Organize.

School Board Correspondent

Seeking 1-3 volunteers per school district to attentively observe school board meetings. Volunteers should prioritize the role of observation and information sharing, fostering understanding rather than conflict. Residency within the monitored school district is preferred.

Service with BoostHamCo

#BoostHamCo is a non-partisan community improvement program focused on volunteerism and community engagement. The initiative includes regularly scheduled events centered around three key pillars - supporting local businesses, beautification and placemaking, and civic education.

Volunteer with a Campaign

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