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Why HamCo Dems Should Vote in the Democratic Primary

Updated: Apr 24

The question comes up in almost every election in our county: Should I vote as a Republican in the primary to try to make sure a “less bad” Republican candidate goes on to the general election in November? Both HamCo Dems chair Jocelyn Vare and the Hamilton County Republican party agree: it’s really the wrong way to use your vote.

Vote in the Democratic Primary

Why It’s Vital to Vote as a Democrat

Here are the top four reasons to choose a Democratic ballot in May:

  • Decide who your Democratic candidates will be in the November general election. Two very important races, US Senate and US Representative District 5, have a contested Democratic primary, giving you a choice now.

  • Prove that Democrats are strong in Hamilton County and committed to voting in November. The number of Democratic voters in the primary will send a message to other voters that Democrats are ready to flip the script and win.

  • Help Democratic candidates raise more money for the general election as a result of high primary turnout. Even uncontested candidates will be able to get more monetary support from the state and national parties, as well as corporate and private donors, if their primary numbers look good.

  • Use your voice well. Voting is your voice, and your voice matters. Will you be able to feel good about how you voted?

Resist the Temptation

An article this week in the Indiana Capital Chronicle reports on the campaign by ReCenter Indiana to convince Democrats to chose a Republican ballot in the May 7 primary. The group is putting up billboards in Democrat-led Indiana cities encouraging Democrats to declare themselves Republican voters at the polls, and then to choose the most centrist Republican candidates. The problem, of course, is that there is no such thing as a centrist Republican candidate in this election cycle. 

I one hundred percent know how you feel. A lot of people are similarly tempted to try and ward off the worst-case scenarios. But in addition to the reasons above, crossing party lines makes it impossible for us to identify and reach our Democratic voters in our Get Out the Vote efforts in November. Please help spread the word to remind Democrats to genuinely vote in the primary as a Democrat.

Early Voting Is Open Now in Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield, and Fishers

You can vote now at the Judicial Center and 4-H Fairgrounds in Noblesville; and several locations in Carmel, Westfield, and Fishers (see the full Early Voting schedule for dates, times, and addresses). Or you can vote on Election Day on May 7 (find your voting location).

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