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Josh Lowry

State Representative - H24


Westfield, Carmel, Sheridan

Current Office: 

Josh was born and raised in Martinsville, Indiana. He attended IU Bloomington where he met his future wife, Alexis. He then pursued his childhood dream of becoming a professional wrestler, before settling down and attending law school. Josh spent five years as a Deputy Attorney General practicing constitutional law, where he defended state agencies such as the Department of Child Services and Indiana State Police. Josh has argued in front of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and conducted jury trials.

Josh and Alexis moved to Westfield in 2009, where Alexis grew up. Alexis’s family has lived in Westfield for generations. Alexis and Josh knew they would want to raise a family in Westfield to be close to family and enjoy the great public schools that Alexis and her siblings had attended.

Unfortunately, Josh and Alexis were unable to have children. So they became foster parents. They have fostered 11 kids, 4 of which they adopted. When not driving one of his children to practice or work, Josh is a competitive natural bodybuilder and plays recreational soccer.

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