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Jim Harter

Current Office: 
Noblesville Chair

Jim Harter has been an active volunteer with the Hamilton County Democratic Party since 2021, acting as project manager for the HCDP fundraisers and helping set up and staff the HDCP headquarters for the 2022 election cycle. Jim is a founding member of the Noblesville Democratic Committee and is serving as its first President. Jim is precinct chair for Precinct 18 in Noblesville, and has played several roles as election worker, including polling place judge, poll watcher election day coordinator, and most recently as a vote tallier for the Hamilton County Election Commission. Jim is on the ballot as a state convention delegate. He is also a member of the HDCP Communications Committee and is currently working on the HDCP 2024 spring fundraiser. Outside of Democratic Party activities, Jim is retired from 40+ years of management positions in the technology industry, and founded a consulting company in Kokomo in 2009 to provide onshore technical consulting. Jim is also the Treasurer of the Lochaven Homeowners Association.

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