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Democratic Leaders Condemn Use of Hitler Quote from Extremist Group

Hamilton County Democrats are united in condemning the use of a quote from Hitler in a recent Moms for Liberty newsletter, and in condemning Nazism and fascism. 

“As a man of devout Jewish faith and a parent concerned about our kids’ education, this hate speech has no place in our community,” said Miles Nelson, candidate for Carmel mayor and current Carmel City Councilor for the West District. "Councilor Finkam has refused to comment on issues related to our schools throughout this entire campaign, but I’m hopeful the inflammatory rhetoric of the former Nazi leader would call her to act in condemning this organization." His full comments can be found here.

“Let me be very clear,” Representative Victoria Garcia Wilburn, House District 32, said. “Hate has no place in Hamilton County or anywhere in Indiana. By definition, liberty means the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions, Hitler believed in the opposite of liberty.” Her full comments can be found here.

“This is an act that lays bare the threat they are to our community,” Matt McNally, candidate for House District 39, said. “They have no business influencing our school boards, our legislation, or our student curriculum. They stand in opposition to everything that I believe and against the very freedom I fought to preserve.” His full comments can be found here.

“To the local members of Moms for Liberty, our neighbors, I say this: Your Hitler rally cry is repulsive,” Jocelyn Vare, Fishers City Councilor At-Large, said. “Our community will not be undone by your poison.”

Increasingly, we have seen that the Republican Party has an issue with denouncing fascism, Nazism, and Hitler. Last year during a committee hearing of SB 167, State Senator Scott Baldwin said in part, “I believe that we've gone too far when we take a position on those isms ... We need to be impartial.” Tiffanie Ditlevson, a Republican running for Fishers City Council At-Large and a member of the HEPL Library Board who supports book censorship, is a member of the Moms for Liberty group on Facebook. We expect our leaders to not have an issue with saying Nazis are bad. Fascism is bad. 

While we are still months away from the election this year, the Hamilton County Democratic Party encourages voters to keep in mind that the Republican Party has an issue with denouncing Nazism.

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