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Sara Draper

City Council


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Sara Draper is British by birth, and a Hoosier by choice. She was born in the suburbs of Manchester, in the equivalent of the Rust Belt, but was fortunate enough to attend Christ Church, University of Oxford, where she studied French and Italian Language, Literature and Linguistics. Over 15 years ago Draper and her husband, Bob, settled in Carmel. Visa conditions meant she was unable to work for her first 8 years in the U.S., so Draper started to volunteer in the community in various ways: on the Board of the Association of International Women; by serving on the Grounds, Maintenance and Security Committee of the Village of WestClay; and more. Her most significant volunteer role is as a Hamilton County Guardian ad Litem, a trained advocate for children involved in court cases relating to abuse and neglect. The Drapers were also foster parents for DCS for 4 years, caring for 7 children aged 5-14 over the years. They have one 21 year old daughter, Abby– who was adopted through an attorney in Carmel. The Drapers have 2 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats.

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Sara Draper

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