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Joel Levi

State Senate - S20


Noblesville, Carmel, Cicero, Arcadia, Westfield

Current Office: 

Joel, a native of Anderson, Indiana, is a passionate advocate for healthcare and child safety. After studying at Anderson University, he and his wife, Megan, settled in Nashville, Tennessee before returning to Indiana in 2020, where they now live with their son Mitchell, in Cicero.

Both Megan and Joel have always been deeply committed to the healthcare field. Megan serves as a nurse practitioner at Community Health, while Joel plays a critical role as a pharmacy technician in the Coumadin Clinic and Outpatient Pharmacy at Riverview Health in Noblesville.

Motivated by their desire to create a better Indiana for future generations, Joel has taken up the mantle by running for Indiana State Senate. His primary focus is ensuring the safety of Hoosier children, starting with their well-being at school. Joel firmly believes that enacting sensible gun laws is the most effective means to achieve this goal.

Should Joel be elected to the Indiana State Senate, he plans to prioritize bipartisan collaboration, aiming to bridge the divide and work with Democrats and Republicans alike. His particular attention will be devoted to finding common ground on issues related to the Second Amendment while also advocating for comprehensive background checks at gun shows and for third-party sales.

By championing these measures, Joel strives to create a more secure environment for all Hoosier children and cultivate a culture of safety within the state.

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