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Bill McLellan


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Bill McLellan and his family moved to Fishers five years ago from the west St. Louis suburbs for McLellan to start a business data analytics practice for a local software services company. This year marks 20 years that McLellan has worked in data services, mostly in health care, and he now serves as a solutions architect for phData, a nationwide data consulting firm. His colleagues consider him a great listener who asks good questions and then thinks deeply and creatively about complex problems before suggesting pragmatic solutions. McLellan regularly collaborates with clients who share different opinions about how to improve their technologies and businesses. He helps business groups as different as finance and marketing reach common understandings of their semantics. His friends and family consider him to be fiercely loyal, while at the same time warm, kind, and fun. McLellan attends St. Peter’s United Church of Christ, an open and affirming congregation in Carmel, where he serves as the technology team lead.

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Bill McLellan

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