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Bills of Interest: Tax and Fiscal Control Over Libraries (Indiana SB 32)

The following is legislative analyst and social studies educator Randy Hudgins’ take on SB 32. The status will be updated as the bill progresses.


Authors: Gary Byrne (R-Palmyra) and Jim Tomes (R-Wadesville)

Summary: SB 32 is authored by the same Senator who authored SB 17 last year, aiming to define obscene content in library collections in very broad terms and remove large numbers of books they did not agree with from those libraries, often involving authors or characters of different races or gender identities. The crux of the bill is changing the way that libraries are funded, making them subject to city and county council budgets and oversight. As such, it would significantly limit funding for libraries. It also would restrict the services and programs libraries would provide to bare-bones functions.

The Bottom Line: This bill can be fairly called the Defund the Libraries Bill.

Current Status

  • 1/8/24: Referred to Tax and Fiscal Policy committee. Democrat Fady Qaddora is on this committee. Republican Scott Baldwin is the chair.


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