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Bills of Interest: Fair and open competition for public projects (HB 1232)

The following is an analysis of HB 1232 as it relates to Hamilton County. The status will be updated as the bill progresses.


Author: Rep. Chuck Goodrich (R-Noblesville)

Co-Authors: Rep. Heath VanNatter (R-Kokomo), Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel)

Summary: HB 1232 Provides that a public agency may not do any of the following: (1) Require a potential bidder on a public works project to provide any information that the potential bidder considers confidential or proprietary as a requirement for the public agency finding the bidder to be a responsive or responsible bidder. (2) By rule, ordinance, or any other action relating to contracts for public works projects for which competitive bids are required impose any requirement that directly or indirectly restricts potential bidders to any predetermined class of bidders defined by experience on similar projects, size of company, union membership or requiring the use of union labor, or any other criteria. (3) Take certain actions based on a bidder's, offeror's, or contractor's entering into, refusing to enter into, adhering to, or refusing to adhere to an agreement with a labor organization.

The Bottom Line: This bill’s clear intent is to keep Rep. Goodrich’s and Rep. VanNatter’s companies from being left out of state contracts due to not allowing their companies to unionize. It is a clear conflict of interest for these previously mentioned representatives to be involved in filing this legislation, as operators of construction companies who bid on state projects. The state should be free to require higher standards of the companies they enter business with.

Current Status

  • 1/9/24: Referred to Committee on Employment, Labor and Pensions



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