Dear Editor,

In a bit of good news, I just read that Noblesville is giving a $2,000 bonus to each of our police officers and firefighters, and $1,000 to other city employees (Indianapolis Star, June 28, 2021). These bonuses were made possible by funds given to the city as a result of the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Our first responders continue to work hard to keep us safe in a really scary time, and they deserve this recognition. But curiously, our 5th district representative Victoria Spartz voted against the American Rescue Plan, putting political affiliation ahead of the people she is supposed to be representing. Taking care of the people who take care of us shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and Spartz needs to start thinking about the impact of her ideology on the hardworking people of Noblesville and the rest of Indiana’s 5th district. President Biden’s American Rescue Plan is helping the people of Indiana recover from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, and that looks like good news to me.

Lori Hand

Originally published July 17, 2021, Hamilton County Reporter.

Lori Hand


Precinct Chair, Noblesville 29; HamCo Dems Communications Committee member.